Brodie Ramirez Gets Edged in the Alley

Brodie Ramirez Gets Edged in the Alley

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Brodie Ramirez Gets Edged in the Alley

Brodie Ramirez is walking around, lost in an unfamiliar sketchy neighborhood, looking for a party. One wrong turn sends him walking down a dead-end alley where Sebastian Keys and Dominic Pacifico are already waiting, eager to tie up an unsuspecting guy right there on the dirty street and edge his cock. As Sebastian and Dominic approach Brodie in the alley, Brodie gets a bad feeling and tries to run away, but he’s caught by Dominic who holds Brodie while Sebastian quickly ties him up with rope. Dominic holds his hand over Brodie’s mouth to muffle the screams while Sebastian cuts Brodie’s shirt off and pulls his pants down showing his already hard cock through his underwear. Sebastian cuts the underwear off and Dominic squats down and starts sucking Brodie’s hard cock.

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