Slave Charlotte Lesbian Whip Dance

Slave Charlotte Lesbian Whip Dance

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Charlotte Vale

Slave Charlotte Lesbian Whip Dance! Charlotte confesses that her sexual fantasies all involve things like being kidnapped, confined, restrained and tormented. If there is one woman who can make all of those things happen for her it is Sister Dee. Being tied to a post makes Charlotte wet, but for Sister Dee to enjoy it there is going to have to be more. It is very obvious that Charlotte has some experience shaking her ass for the entertainment of others. SD just decides to use a whip to make the show a little more interesting. For all her love of giving up control, Charlotte needs a few lessons in how to do it right. SD demands that any time she cums she asks for permission, but something about the orgasms makes Charlotte forget the rules. There is always a reckoning for such obvious failures. She is going to suffer and she better hope she learns quickly for next time.

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