Ts Dr. Mandy Mitchell Inseminates our Patient

Ts Dr. Mandy Mitchell Inseminates our Patient

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Dr. Mitchell is the top Impregnation Expert. She’s knocking up Jasmeen

Dr. Mandy Mitchell has a very high success rate for her patients. Jasmeen LeFleur has heard that Dr. Mitchell has some old-fashioned yet reliable methods to get her patients impregnated and Jasmeen is willing to do whatever it takes to have her baby. Dr. Mitchell must perform her standard check-up by listening to Jasmeen’s heart, smelling her feet and checkout Jasmeen’s vagina…you know…the standard stuff. Dr. Mitchell can tell from licking and smelling Jasmeen’s feet that she is a very healthy woman. Another perk of having beautiful, healthy feet is that it get’s Dr. Mitchell to get a really hard erection so that the Dr. can take Jasmeen’s temperature with her cock. Jasmeen is completely shocked after having her eyes closed for the monitoring of her temperature and then opening them to find that she has Doctor cock in her mouth, especially since her doctor is a hot lady. Jasmeen knows this is all part of the procedure so she eagerly sucks Dr. Mitchell’s cock. The two lovely ladies get naked and commence the full procedure using one hole at a time starting with Jasmeen’s mouth

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