Jay Austin is Shackled & Flogged in the Streets

Jay Austin is Shackled & Flogged in the Streets


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Muscle Stud is Shackled & Flogged in the Streets for SF Pride Weekend

Someone should’ve told Jay Austin about San Francisco’s residents and their love to go green. So when Jay Austin finishes his snack and leaves his trash behind on his walk down a back alley, he doesn’t realize Max Cameron catches him in the act and will make him pay for it. Jay gets himself so worked up being caught and grabbed by Max he immediately has a hard dick come out of his pants and precum leaking all over his briefs. Max bounds Jay up in the dirty alley and uses Jay’s mouth as punishment for being a litter bug. But he’s not done with him just yet, he puts Jay up in suspension for anyone walking by the alley to see, and flogs his ass and back mercilessly to punish Jay some more.

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