Foot Fetish Musician Toes Domination

Foot Fetish Musician Toes Domination

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The FEET Are HOLY!: Cool and Crazy Paws

Foot Fetish Musician Toes Domination! Move over, Joyce Johnson… beat poet, Christy Mack performs her latest work, HOLY!Based on the FOOTNOTE of HOWL by the great poet, Alan Ginsberg… Wolf’s imagination runs wild as Christy’s meter and tone take him on a footastic journey into his most sensual bohemian foot fantasies. “I saw the best feet of my generation madly worshiped, wiggling hysterical naked, walking themselves in heels through the streets at dawn looking for an angry fix, Angel-headed hipsters foot fucking for the ancient footpussy connection to the pedicured dynamo in the machinery of night… my pussy aches… my feet ache for a dick to toejack… pussyfoot…”

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