Tia Ling

Asian Lesbian Dungeon Slave Tia Tormented

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Tia Ling – Tormented WHORE

Asian Lesbian Dungeon Slave Tia Tormented! Scene one: Tia is bound in the metal bilbos at the neck, wrists, waist, and ankles kneeling on the hard wood floor. Unable to move much in her entirely inescapable bondage, Tia gets a tight transparent latex hood wrapped around hers face with a nose hook and plastic ring gag. The pain play after the predicament is playfully administered and finishes out with this bitches’ knees being warmed up by a pile of rice. Scene two, Tia is bound in a leather grand plie. Her shoes are taped on, so she can’t kick them off. Her neck and face are laced into a posture collar. Electrical tape is wrapped tightly over the mouth. Her hair and only two thigh straps keep this bitch elevated. She suffers beautifully as Claire canes Tia’s tender cunt, and cums hard when made to. Finally Tia is bound in an intricate metal forward bend. Her holes are stuffed with four fingers each, cum wrenched from every part of her straining body and intense suffering…

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