Amber Rayne Slaves Training Day Last

Amber Rayne Slaves Training Day Last

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The Training of Amber Rayne, Day Four

Amber Rayne Slaves Training Day Last! Training Report, Final Day Goals Review Relinquish Control Eroticize Pain Self Worth Recommendations: Introduce her to Mister Holmes for a day of hard service beginning with keeping his huge cock hard all day. Drill her on her lessons in obedience and discipline while she has been here. Order her to list the many ways one can relinquish control to their dominant while her cunt and ass are being pounded by Mr. Holmes’ hard cock. Hard face slapping, foot worship, leash training and ass worship are covered in today’s lessons, and she is drilled on what she learned this week as she struggles to keep up with the two demonic trainers’ demands. Push till she acknowledges the freedom found in severe discipline, the worth of extreme obedience, her skills gained in eroticizing pain and finally, her own self worth. Congratulations Miss Rayne, you made it through. Does she leave us with a deeper understanding of herself and BDSM?

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