Adrianna Nicole Slaves Training Day

Adrianna Nicole Slaves Training Day

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The Training of Number Seven, Day One

Adrianna Nicole Slaves Training Day! Applicant Profile Name: Adrianna Nicole Sign:Aries Disposition: Ill mannered little slut Strengths: Good experience with BDSM, very intelligent, communicative and loves filthy sex Weaknesses: Easily distracted and lazy. Lacks discipline, initiative, swears too much. Experience: Many years in bondage, s/m Current Status: Unowned Recommendations: Put her in a humiliating position and instruct her to masturbate herself through the initial interview. Initiate speech training right away, take away her curse words. Strip her naked and put her to hard work in the Armory’s filthy sub-basements performing manual labor under a watchful and demonic eye. Liberally apply the whip and hose while making non-sensical demands of the sweaty, dirty slut. Hose her off and present her body like a show dog on a cold hard table. Conduct a thorough examination, followed by tight bondage and massive orgasms. Fuck her face with a hard cock to observe her oral skills, then bend her over the desk to test her cunt as well. Feed her a load of hot come, then dress her and deposit her in the slave quarters for the evening to make her video journals and do her homework.

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